Subasta de Ocio closes €2M series A with CNBB

Barcelona, 21 March 2017 – Subasta de Ocio, Spain’s leading auctioning app, closes a series A funding round of € 2M with investment fund CNBB. Subasta de Ocio auctions more than 2000 products and services every day via their mobile app.

Since the start in May 2013, Subasta de Ocio has grown to more than 800.000 customers and closed 2016 with over € 11M revenues. Last year, the Barcelona based company was the fastest growing company of Spain and won the TheNextWeb Tech5 Award with 3000% growth over 3 years.

With Subasta de Ocio customers can decide the price of their hotel nights, fashion- and tech products, restaurant menus, spa treatments and more, by bidding on auctions starting at € 0. Subasta de Ocio positions itself at the crossroads of e-commerce and gamification, providing partners with a strategic revenue management tool, and customers a fun way to buy online.

The investment of CNBB will help to double the number of partners offering products and services through auctions by the end of the year. “To better serve all our Spanish customers, we need to increase the amount of different auctions we offer” says Marc Zinck, CEO of Subasta de Ocio. “We believe auctions are a fantastic and fun way to buy online, while being a great revenue driver for our partners” according to Zinck.

“Subasta de Ocio stands out by successfully adding a layer of gamification to e-commerce; this is crucial in the busy app markets nowadays” according to Lucas Brentjens, co-founder and managing director of CNBB, who will take a seat on the board.

About Subasta de Ocio

Subasta de Ocio is an award-winning auction app with more than 2000 auctions per day where customers can discover products and services and buy them in a fun way, while providing a valuable revenue management tool for our partners. The company was founded in 2013 by CEO Marc Zinck. The company is active in Spain and has its headquarter in Barcelona where they have 35 employees.

About CNBB

CNBB Venture Partners is a software-focused investment firm that supports entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions by providing capital and strategic support. Founded in 2007 by Arco van Nieuwland and Lucas Brentjens, CNBB makes venture-capital and private equity investments in Europe from offices in Rotterdam and Antwerp, and acts as active investor in the financial, strategic and operational sense. CNBB holds investments in, among others, the Yuki Company and Bynder.

Acerca de Ubeo

Based in Barcelona, Ubeo is app for shopping that offers a different way of acquiring products, services and experiences. Ubeo provides its customers the thrill of bidding and winning auctions from €1. Since its inception in 2013, the start-up has raised 5 million euros of investment, and its latest round of financing allowed entry to the Dutch venture fund CNBB. Currently the team consists of 25 people from different countries, and has begun its expansion to European markets such as Italy, Portugal and Germany.